Clips Poly Engineering

High Speed Polymer Mixer

Our range of high speed mixers are designed to meet the mixing usage demands of granules with pigment powder or different colored granules. (Rigid PVC, Plasticized PVC Dry Blends). These high speed mixer helps in achieving uniform blending and mixing. With features like Sturdy construction , Stainless Steel vessels , Corrosion resistant , Inside Polished to Mirror finish, Pneumatically operated lid and drain valve etc Clips Poly Mixers stand apart for Blending master batch with the virgin granule, Mixing pigments with granule or polymers powder , fillers additives. Inner part of the vessel is made from SS 304 and outer part is made of Mild Steel.

The container is jacketed with the provision of water circulation. Container wall and bottom can be cooled partially, by water circulation; design pressure upto 3.5 bar. Mirror polished surface ensures no deposition of material .The entire assembly of blade along with the driven pulley is dynamically balanced to ensure least vibration of mixer at a higher speed. The impeller designed to give the maximum output with homogenous mixing, which is made from


Model Batch Capacity(KG) Main Drive (KW) Tool Speed (RPM)
CP HM 50 15 5/7.5 500/1000
CP HM 130 40 15/18 500/1000
CP HM 200 65 32/37 500/1000
CP HM 250 85 38/45 400/800
CP HM 300 95 55 900
CP HM 350 120 75 800
CP HM 500 190 110 750
CP HM 750 300 130 600
CP HM 1000 400 200 600