Clips Poly Engineering

Micro Fine Pulverizers

The steadily increasing demand for quality plastic powder with good flow ability, bulk density, particle size distribution, grain structure, etc. calls for Pulverizing systems of most modern technology. Micro Fine Pulverizers are designed to perform high throughput rate with low power consumption, narrow particle size distribution with fully automatic controls operations. Micro Fine Pulverizers ensures to meet all the requirements of pulverization in the best possible manner. We offer two types of Micro Fine Pulverizers including HM Series Single Mill Pulverizers and CPS Series Pulverizers, catering diverse demands of manufacturing units.

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HM Series Single Mill Pulverizers

Clips Poly Direct Drive Pulverizing Systems with single mill features the unique & efficient direct drive mill. The Advance Mill Air Flow System with heavy duty cast steel Mill Housing , the external air fins promotes adequate cooling. Adjustment is performed from outside with adjustable water jacketed stationary disk fixture uses three


HM Series Dual Mill Pulverizers

Clips Poly Direct Drive Pulverizing Systems with Dual mills features the unique & efficient direct drive mills . The precision direct drive eliminates cost & failures of belt driven mills while utilizing full motor potential . Base frame fabricated from tubes reinforced to support all components fixed to the frame. Dust tight enclosures


CPS Series Pulverizers

CPS Series Pulverizing Systems features Closed circuit grinding system.with Heavy duty welded steel construction. Cycle working completely automatic with every safety system. The disk blades are realized in special hardened steel. The system causes a depression in the grinding chamber so the disk blade remain always clean, no material