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Shuttle Type Rotomoulding Machine

Shuttle Type Rotomoulding Machine

The Rotomoulding Plant with Multi Arm Shuttle machine� Series CP is composed of Moulding Chamber ( Indexing )with attatched combustion chamber , High Velocity cooling fans with Fog heads , Arms conveyors .& Control Electric Panel. Shuttle Type Rotomoulding Machine is easy to install and promises optimum performance at low operating cost.

Salient Features

  • Aerodynamic Oven Designed for maximum hot air impingement against the molds and feature counter-convection air flow to help even heating throughout the chamber area.
  • Moulding chamber made of metallic double wall frame, thermically insulated with high density rock wool.
  • Burner (two stage) placed at the combustion chamber, heats the whole moulding chamber uniformly and keeps steady the process temperature recordings performed by thermic feelers installed in the moulding chamber.
  • Centrifugal Fans with duct and louvers for adjusting hot air direction for correct distribution of the material inside the mould .
  • Independent high velocity blowing fans for each Arm mounted on steel frame for uniform cooling.
  • Turret made of heavy-duty steel tube construction
  • Smooth conveyor movement on straight track.
  • Floor area provides two process stations.


Condition New,New
Warranty 1year
Voltage 380V-440V
Use Producing Water Tanks

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